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Keep Your Service Dog Safe This Halloween

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Halloween Can Frighten Your Dog

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Halloween may be fun and games to many people, but for your service dog, or any dog for that matter, it can be a very frightening experience. Service dogs are conditioned to many sights and sounds so that they are a calm dog that does not frighten or bolt from sudden noises or strange objects. When Halloween rolls around once a year, both children and adults are running around in strange and scary costumes acting out of character and looking out of character carrying lots toxic candy around. Halloween can pose many threats to your service dog or pet dog.

Here are some tips to help you have a happy and safe Halloween:

  • Stick to dog treats. Chocolate candy can be dangerous for your service dog. Your dog’s digestive system is not adapted for sweets and chocolate contains Theobromine , which can be harmful and sometimes fatal. So, keep your candy bowls and trick-or-treat bags out of your dog’s reach. We all know our well trained service dogsare trained NOT to take “people food”, I say, “better safe than sorry.”
  • Walk you dog early on Halloween……..before dark. Service Dogsare trained to be “unflappable” and not be startled by strange noises and people, but children dressed in scary costumes jumping out of bushes yelling “boo” or giant 9 foot spiders rigged up to fall out of a tree at you as you pass by can scare any service dog…..I know it would make me jump out of my skin.
  • Don’t leave your service dog unattended when you let them outside on Halloween even if they are behind a fence. Pranksters can target your service dog with eggs, or a passerby may be tempted to feed your service dog harmful treats and candy.
  • Be careful where you place candles and Jack-O’-Lanterns, your service dog’s wagging tail can either get burned or start a fire

Our service dogsare our best friends, constant companions, lifesavers, our eyes and ears, on constant medical alert for us and much more. Let’s not forget that sometimes we need to watch out for them as much as they watch out for us.

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