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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Service Dogs

Ten Things You Might not know about Service dogs 1.Only dogs can be service animals. Miniature horses are allowed in some cases.                                                  2.You can deduct the entire upkeep of your service dog off your taxes under medical [...]

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Traveling and Flying With A Service Dog

Traveling with Your Service Dog Service dogs help people with disabilities to be more mobile. Every day trains, planes, buses, and cruise ships carry people and their service dogs to routine destinations or on exotic adventures and vacations. The following tips might just make your trip a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Your trip will not [...]

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Teaching Your Dog To Pull a Wheelchair

Teaching your dog to “pull” can be a great asset. Your dog would be able to help you out of a chair or bed, but better yet help you pull your wheelchair.  If you want to train your dog to pull you in your wheelchair there are a few things you must consider. Your dog must [...]

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The Yellow Dog Project Helps Service Dogs

    What is The Yellow Dog Project ?The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring global awareness to dogs who need space such as:Service DogsWorking Dogscontagious diseasesleash reactivityinjuries and painful physical conditionsintolerance of other animalsrecovery from surgeryfearful of unfamiliar or rowdy dogsaging and elderlylearning self control around other dogsare owned by people that want to [...]

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Diabetic Alert Dogs Better Than Tech Tools

Diabetic Alert Dogs – Service Dogs Sniff  Out Health  ProblemsWith type 1 diabetes there is the endless monitoring of blood sugar levels, even at night, which can leave you sleep-deprived and add to an already stressful existence.  Service dogs can be trained to sniff out unhealthy blood sugar levels in humans — and alert them 20 minutes [...]

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Keep Your Service Dog Safe This Halloween

Halloween Can Frighten Your Dog Halloween may be fun and games to many people, but for your service dog, or any dog for that matter, it can be a very frightening experience. Service dogs are conditioned to many sights and sounds so that they are a calm dog that does not frighten or bolt from sudden noises or strange objects. [...]

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Service Dogs Help More Than the Blind

When most people see a service dog they automatically assume it is a seeing eye dog.  I get that all the time when I am out with my mobility service dog. I hear parents telling their children, “Don’t pet that dog, it’s a working dog and is guiding that blind person.”  That’s because the seeing eye guide dog is [...]

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International Assistance Dog Week 2012

This week is International Assistance Dog Week.  August 5-11, 2012.International Assistance Dog Week (IADW) was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping disabled individuals  get through their daily routines and help them throughout their lives. These assistance dogs are there for their human partners for their physical or mental disabilities providing them companionship, [...]

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Service Dogs For PTSD Vets Rise Along With Obstacles

It is International Assistance Dog Week this week where we recognize service dogs that help humans with their disabilities. But, not all disabilities are physically noticeable…… these are the invisible disabilities like PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) . Many dogs provide support to veterans suffering from PTSD, but the Army’s new policy on Service dogs is making it very hard for our [...]

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Assistance Tasks for Psychiatric Disability Dogs

In my last post on PTSD dogs I received a lot of email about people telling me that Emotional Support Dogs are NOT qualified as Service Dogs……….but to set the record straight………PTSD dogs are NOT Emotional Support dogs!!! According to the ADA 2010 Revised Edition Requirements on Service Animals a service dog reminding a person with [...]

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