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Autism Service Dog Tag

  • Autism service dog tag printed in full-color and highly visible and Easy to read.
Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

About this Autism Collar ID Tag:


This Autism Collar-Card informs those around you that you are accompanied by a Service Dog and help inform them of your rights as a disabled individual. Autism Service Dog Collar-Cards clearly states that your dog is a Service Dog. 

How these ID Tags are Made:

These cards are NOT cheap laminated cards, and are made of durable PVC plastic that is as thick as your driver's license. The ink used is thermally infused into the plastic using high-heat printing so it is made to last.

  • Printed in full-color.
  • Measures 2"x3" making it extremely visible.
  • Hang it on your service dog vest, collar or leash or standard walking harness with a d-ring.
  • Printed on both sides.
  • Produced in the USA.
  • Tag reads "Autism Service Dog".
  • Production tag features rounded corners.
  • Chain or keyring not included.

For your dog's safety: never leave a collar card attached to your dog's equipment while they are unattended. This could result in your dog chewing the item, resulting in possible serious health issues.

About Autism Service Dogs:

Autism service dogs provide physical safety and an emotional anchor for children with Autism. Because of an Autism service dog’s calming presence, a child who is tethered to an autism service dog allows families to engage in activities as simple as going to the park on a picnic or going out to a restaurant to eat as a family.

 When going out into the community, an Autism service dog increases the safety of the child and helps the family feel more secure. An Autism service dog’s calming presence can minimalize and often eliminate emotional outbursts. They can keep the child safe by keeping them from running away.

Having an Autism service dog is enabling the child to more fully participate in community and family activities. In many cases, the Autism service dog can accompany the child to school which helps them with transitions between activities and locations. Having an Autism service dog helps the child to develop social and language skills with others and increases his or her opportunities in life.


Service Dog ID Badges Informs Others About Your Rights!

The Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as the ADA, clearly states that proof of "certification" cannot be required by any facility or business for legal access if you meet the requirements for a person with a legal disability, and your dog meets the requirements of a service animal. While many business owners and establishments are ignorant of this law, Collar-Cards will have all of the necessary contact information should they require further explanation regarding your rights when accompanied by your Service Dog.

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